An Ode to Green Eyeshadow

I try really hard on limiting myself to purchase only what I will love long term, talk myself out of unnecessary purchases, and work through the products I already own.

But sometimes there's this thing. This niche-y product that I will always love in all its forms.

Green eyeshadow.

Hear me out: green eyeshadow has long been swept aside from the fall eyeshadow collections because the industry tends to go towards warm oranges, reds, browns, plums, and the like. I've loved various shades of green (yes, even highlighter green) for a while, and everytime there is a single eyeshadow or palette that includes a marvelous interpretation of olive, lime, or even military green, you bet your ass I'll be there fighting myself to own it.

Now, not all green eyeshadows are made equal. Warm greens tend to flatter my skintone, and play incredibly well with my brown eyes. I like that it brings out the maroon in them.

Through my never ending quest of green eyeshadow lottery, I've come across some favorites, and other interesting picks.

1. ColourPop Moonwalk. Hands down my favorite ColourPop eyeshadow, super shock formula or otherwise. This shade is a true chameleon that offers an iridescent wash of green and brown shift all over the lid, layered over the aforementioned Sumptuous Olive, and even transforming other shades I own into another dimension of pretty. I've even played around with the idea of using it as a highlighter as a form of avant garde debauchery, but I don't know. Maybe.

2. ColourPop Team Captain. Why aren't there more matte dark olive green eyeshadows in this world? WHY?! Perhaps matte greens are hard to pull off, but to my argument, I've only heard about reds and purples being hard to make (any cosmetic chemist care to chime in?). This shade brings another dimension to the usual brown eyeshadow on the crease. It also perfects that transition when using orange + browns. My only qualm is that it can be a pain to blend if I don't add little by little. What a shame, but I'm still keeping it. Look at it!'

3. MAC Sumptuous Olive. Before coming across this beauty, I had never owned any MAC eyeshadows, but when I saw this, I was changed. Not even Temptalia could dissuade me from purchasing this after looking at all the dupes. Nope. I needed to have this one. This shade layers so well, and it is one of the greens that really make my eyes pop. I love pairing this with dark plums.

4. ColourPop Rose All Day. My newest acquisition, as it came in last week and I've been going nuts over it. This is, I'd say, a very flattering chartreuse. I feel this would also look great on blue eyes, but it really packs a punch when I use it, as my brown eyes are all about that chartreuse. I'm really excited to pair this with my reddish browns and plums.

5. Urban Decay Thrash. Welcome, neon green shadow of my dreams. This is actually a pigment from the shouldn't-have-been-discontinued Electric Palette. I got mine at my local Nordstrom Rack (and last I checked, it's still on their website). What a punch of brightness and lemony-ness this brings; I find this goes perfect in the inner corners as well as pop of color all over the lid with an otherwise conservative face. I think it makes life interesting. Definitely this will be featured in my continuous eyeshadow experiments in the future.

Now please keep me from buying more. 



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