Esteé Lauder Double Wear Light Review

I've been expanding my foundation collection quite carefully. I ultimately want to have 5 tried-and-true foundations for all occasions--everyday, going out, photography, etc. Right now I rely on my Maybelline Fit Me Matte & Poreless (my skin looks so great in this), and the Wet n' Wild Photo Focus Foundation (coverage without cakey-ness).

On my last trip to my local outlet mall, I spotted this at The Cosmetics Company Store, a cosmetics outlet that hosts all brands under the Esteé Lauder umbrella, including its own name brand. I had heard great things about this foundation from fellow oily-skinned gal Sharon Farrell, who gave it a great review on her Youtube channel. I have always been intrigued by the Double Wear foundation, but didn't want something too heavy; that's where Double Wear Light comes in.

This comes in 10 shades, of which I am shade 3. Being an NC30 in MAC, this is a pretty damn good match. I do wish their shade range wasn't as obtuse, because I feel there are many shades in between mine.

The consistency is definitely thicker compared to my aforementioned foundations, but it spreads rather easily on the face. As a tip, use a brush with this foundation as the sponge has proven not to be the most reliable application vehicle for me. The sponge soaks up all the product and at the end I am putting nothing on my face.

This foundation claims to have sheer to medium coverage, and it's true. It is buildable but then again, this is not something I do often since I use the Eldridge technique for foundation (light layer of overall foundation followed by spot concealing). I do find that, if I choose to, I can build it up to a solid medium coverage.

The finish is a soft matte--not the makeup-y finish one gets with the original Double Wear. I feel my skin is still breathing even though the tone is infinitely better. It covers discoloration and my rosacea quite well, but doesn't address major magenta spots from the same rosacea, which I don't mind. You can go on my IG @somebeautyblog to see it on my face. I really like the way it sits on my skin.

I have incredibly oily skin with dehydration, and this foundation does a good job at controlling oil. I don't have to blot until the 2 hour mark. I am not expecting a foundation to do the job skincare should, so even if the oil control is not a "great" I do think the fact that it doesn't crack or deposit itself into creases and fine lines is a big plus.

I definitely recommend this if you have oily skin, texture, and work long days like I do. This holds through my 8-10 hour days, and even when I do get super shiny, a simple blot and retouch with translucent powder will refresh the entire thing.

You can find Esteé Lauder Double Wear Light at Sephora.


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