Farmacy Green Clean Makeup Meltaway Cleansing Balm Review

I'm somewhat of a contradiction--it seems you cannot care about two things equally, namely skincare and makeup. I love both fiercely, knowing that the condition of my skin will work for or against my makeup wearing self. Also, I don't think you ever get over having acne as a teenager and papulopustular rosacea as an adult.

Since my skin (re)volution, I've been trying more and more complicated formulas--hold on, not more complicated but complex and targeted. Yes, that's it. I cannot just go back to my endless acne washes and harsh exfoliators. Also, I'm not 20 anymore if you catch my drift...

The skincare community in Instagram has been key to me not only getting into more targeted and 'serious' skincare. One of the raves: Farmacy Green Clean Makeup Meltaway Cleansing Balm with Echinacea GreenEnvy™. I had just finished by BanilaCo Clean It Zero Purity, which I had liked but not like, loved. I am lucky enough to live right by a Sephora (oh the self-control I often have to exercise!) and went to get it only to find out it was out of stock in store. I ended up ordering it from the store and getting free shipping on top of that, woo!

So, it is pricey, at $34 for 3.2oz/90ml of product. I've owned and used this for two months and I'm about halfway through. So it this lasts me two more months, I'll be pretty happy since that means it is $8.50 per month. Not bad. 

When you open the container, you notice a faint--but lovely--scent that characterizes this cleanser. It smells...clean, and sort of herbal but not in the eucalyptus way since the echinacea gives you more of a sweet twist. I have loved to use echinacea before for teas, but never on skincare! It also comes with a plastic spatula that nests itself neatly on the inside of the lid (you know what I mean). 

Unlike BanilaCo, this cleanser did not get into my eyes (forming that nasty film that doesn't hurt but it's just annoying). I enjoy the scent and how slippery it is, as well as its ability to not only get everything off and get my face super clean, BUT to also leaves it feeling nourished. Even though this cleanser is aimed at drier skin types, my oily ass is super happy with it. It hasn't broken me out or had any other adverse effect on me. 

I often use this when double cleansing, but on days I don't wear much makeup it acts as my only cleanse. So yes, put me on that bandwagon towards Farmacy's fields of happiness. I'm there. 


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